127 Commits (submodule)

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  Trevor Irons 453b982a9a added more submodules 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8b872f5558 Added submodule branch 6 years ago
  T-bone fe16de5f0d Merge branch 'master' of https://git.lemmasoftware.org/Lemma 6 years ago
  T-bone c4d4232ce7 Cross-compiler works with gcc targeting win-64 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons a2dc7df0c6 Adding CircularLoop for optmized use cases 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 5ba069a14c Changing flags to definitions for better cross compatibility 6 years ago
  T-bone 3274c29c63 VTK 8 build as part of Lemma 6 years ago
  John Daily c3448c4c7e working on VTK as external project on Windows 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons bf935e5afc External VTK7 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 4b15224b1d attempt at setting yaml-cppmdd on windows 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 439fd3310a MSVC compiler work continues 6 years ago
  John Daily 4173863a14 Compile work for MSVC, OpenMP is not found by CMake on test box 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2b32ea46af Refactoring CMAKE for MSVC support 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 56b8936be7 more roubust detection of OpenMP across compilers, inc. MSVC 6 years ago
  T-bone 685de74d5f RGridReader tweaks 6 years ago
  T-bone a8644b85af AEM survey added back 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons f18a9aa3b3 work towards AEM support again 6 years ago
  T-bone a941c7df1c Lemma V 0.2.0, ctor_key now only at root level 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 64b883ac2f reworking key 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 6898ae89c5 Work on porting files that had been left behind 6 years ago
  tirons 6c450f22e9 Doxygen for Webfaction fix 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8d634ec851 Documentation updates 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons f4f2a48c9f
Update README 6 years ago
  T-bone a8e639a5ec test mirror push 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 7ced5a7ef7 serialize updates 6 years ago
  T-bone 79478ef492 Added support for serializing complex matrices in Yaml 6 years ago
  T-bone f1d47526fc Fix of Lemma export 6 years ago
  T-bone eaadc7aba0 MatrixXr serialisation now compatible with PyYaml and more consistent with Vectors. 6 years ago
  T-bone 360b475614 MatrixXr serialization updated. 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 7bee2933f0 Serializing of MatrixXr 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 98e579b616 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.lemmasoftware.org/Lemma 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons ef02fc95fe Fix for formatting of serialization time 6 years ago
  T-bone f3e877d0ca Serializing of MatrixXr started...not yet settled. 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 31207c4e62 Server migrate check 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons 67b2f4ffbe LayeredEarthEM works with partial serialization now 6 years ago
  T-bone 1409ce82f6 Fix for bug with improper magnitude returned of earth's field 6 years ago
  Trevor Irons ff5f88b6bc Fixed old cout tracing report in deserialize 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons bafca428e0 Added readme 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons b2dab427fd Clean up CMAKE files 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons 35b9939bf8 Fixes for boost, yaml, and eigen upstream updates 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons 0f54063425 Boost can now be turned off, but gaussian quadrature won't work in that case. 7 years ago
  tirons d80831cb0a Fixes for Mac! Compliles on OSX Clang++ now 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons cdfa8abf79 Movement of GetName from headers to make Clang happy :) 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons 833fe6e07e Tweak for clang and OSX 7 years ago
  T-bone bc629a34bc Tweaks 7 years ago
  T-bone ff34dba76a Made change to allow for EMEarth1D to store transmit tag info. 7 years ago
  T-bone f2bcc62f31 Accessor for field points added. 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons 7a670df5bd A few changes to the template for making new classes. 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons 6d6b66f69b Found memory leak, in a cycle of shared_ptr, hence the existence of weak_ptr.... 7 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9495039bef Looking for memory leak, not found yet. 7 years ago