113 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Trevor 4fecc41995 Addition of Matlab.mex support. Currently only hantenna is wrapped as a 2 months ago
  Trevor Irons 5577a61e40 Windows Fixes 9 months ago
  Trevor Irons 7f0b056cf9 Fix to Boost in CMake to throw error when not found but requested. Also fixed bench kiha test 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons d1d6ff7c4f Fix to copy of README.md for python publish. 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons f631f8a2bf Bumped up verison to 0.4.0 and synced pyLemma version with main Lemma. 1 year ago
  Cleatus D. Ustess 05a1268a99 More work towards renwed PIP pushes 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 55efd7a3b4 Updates to external yaml-cpp for shared library build 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 32f3339fff Bug fix for Anderson lagged solution which would occasionally result in NaN due to array index overrun in spline. Also work towards grounding points in wire antenna. 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 54cf400173 Windows 10 fixes for OpenMP 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons f4fb29b94b Removal of boost progress bar, replaced with simple RAII class 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 69b36eb14a Revert of yaml-cpp to 0.6.2 due to YAML_LIBRARIES not being set in master 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons b059847017 Link with iomp5 on Apple instead of libomp for better interopreability with Anaconda 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 4ec7e1f0e3 CMake tweak for old boost 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 11967300c1 Improved speed for horizontal loops, reduced initialization of unused resources 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 096404cf52 Incrimental performance checks 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 13adc38967 Version bump 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons a045a6acb1 Improved python import heirarchy (sp?). Now you can use: from pyLemma import pyFDEM1D which is the intuitive way to do this. 3 years ago
  John Daily 7dd8547f87 Windows tweaks 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 65034cb932 pybind11 working for RectilinearGrid 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 986324fbd5 Towards a new Python wrapper 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons f0e7ddc6e5 Fix for CTest in versions 3.14 and greater 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons c77fa33f23 Further discouragement of in-source builds 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 50e0028649 still cleaning up superbuild 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 1b72e7931c test on Kingspeak 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 21ae0ab38b Better warnings about 8.90 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 09854480dd vtk on mac work 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2e3fcc5fac cleaning up VTK support in CMAKE files 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8ec7d62b41 Tweaking VTK find_package 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9ffb228649 Minor tweaks including VTK version bump 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 4f5cf8deed Remove VTK 6 & 7 support. This was driven by VTK 8 deprecation of vtkHyperOctree. 3 years ago
  Andy McAliley e89827a232 Set OpenMP flags for mac 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons f35c88ebb6 Edits to fix Chave when using GCC 8. 3 years ago
  tirons 2086bbc836 macOS tweaks for OpenMP 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 3a6f89bc3c Test fix of CMake for MacOS 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9dcb2cae05 Additions to bring in cos and sin transform, as well as beginning to impliment the TEM classes again. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 0171b9235d MSVC flag for extended alignment added as option 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2cd3336f69 Clean up CMake for default compilers 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons e023e2fff3 SuperLU find 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9b8a6662eb Tweaks for non-default compiler 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons 0852ef4c92 Tweaks for icpc 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons ae08ee34d1 CDash tweaks 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons d2e368dbfe Added CTest/CDash configuration 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons d4eba3abbe Fix bug in QWEKey related to array bounds 4 years ago
  John Daily 60df651aea msvc 4 years ago
  T-bone 2f9551de0d More cross-compiling woes 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons 68e6e52d05 CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE was being overridden on GNU 4 years ago
  T-bone 78629e7146 More cross compiling tweaks. 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons 3dc3b1f85f Cross compile boost progress support 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons 877e02b39f Hantenna for WinDoze 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons b1050d4ab9 MSVC is just the worst 4 years ago