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Akvo provides processing of surface NMR data. It aims to be simple to use yet flexible for accommodating changes to processing flow. Akvo is written in Python 3 around a Qt GUI with plotting provided by Matplotlib.

The bleeding-edge code may be accesed using the git client

git clone https://git.lemmasoftware.org/akvo.git  

The git repository is also mirrored on GitHub (https://github.com/LemmaSoftware/akvo)

Enjoy! Akvo Development Team


Akvo can now be installed using pip! The PyPi project page can be found at https://pypi.org/project/Akvo/

pip install akvo

Manual installation is straightforward. The only prerequisite that is sometimes not properly handled is PyQt5 which may need to be manually installed ( pip install pyqt5 ).

python3 setup.py build 
python3 setup.py install

An Install Guide using Anaconda Python is available.


  • DataImport
  • PreProcessing
  • Kernel calculation
  • 1D inversion

Getting involved

Please contact info@lemmasoftware.org for information on getting involved.