Surface NMR processing and inversion GUI
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INSTALL.txt 689B

  1. Thank you for your interest in Akvo!
  2. Akvo is a surface NMR (sNMR) processing utility. Currently preprocessing is supported as well as Qt inversion capabilities. Let us know if you are looking for something.
  3. ##Configuration
  4. pip install PyQt5
  5. ## Or, if you have Python 2 as your default still (shame)
  6. pip3 install PyQt5
  7. ## Installation is done in the typical python fashion
  8. python build
  9. python install # may require sudo
  10. # If you are going to be editing the source code, you may prefer to run
  11. # the develop option which will not require rerunning the install option
  12. # for each edit. This is entirely optional
  13. python develop # may require sudo