97 Commits (master)

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  Trevor Irons 8f40113ed1 Fixed bug when saving before stack 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 2ff3d4897a fix for viridis in newest matplotlib 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons baecceab53 Fixed a few minor bugs in MIDI data saving, and in gains 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 33aacb67ca MRS MIDI II support added 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 856030f1a3 PyPi V. 1.6.1 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 1fa08aee43 Final tweaks before pushing to Pypi 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons c279d06331 Inversion data space plots are improved greatly from previous 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 15c297b36f Addition of DOI metric based on incomplete resolution matrix construction 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons b6316a1ebe Added non-linear refinement to inversion, and improved inversion output 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons e7868cba03 Python3.9 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 999a700f9f Fix for clockwise figure-8 loops, anticlockwise still buggy 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons f6f79fcefc Support for off-resonance pulses was added, additionally file name changes have been put into place to better differentiate kernal and data files. Other bug fixes to .dmp files have been made, although .dmp file are still not robust for late stage processing. 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 1c1919ddea Support for transmitter (and receiver) arrays in kernel calculation 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 561bce557f version bump 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons f2301ec872 1.4.5 release, tweak of DOI measure 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons aa4b3f4ef3 1.4.4, includes simple DOI estimate and logging of inversion results into CSV file 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons ad0ffb74d4 Tweaks for plots in FastTIMES 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 21290e5c71 v1.4.2 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 99d72b5b78 Tweaks to UI 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons d73806348f more intuitive file selection in kernel and inversion 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons c2153d7daa Inversion functional, minor version bump 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons c8ebc72d49 Inversion within the GUI is functional. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons d95f9758b0 Kernel plotting routines 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons e3bfa3402e All kernel params from GUI 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 76da3dbe24 All kernel params from GUI 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9decee1562 Working on passing in all kernel parameters from GUI 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8cc0d68195 Fixed entry point for kernel calc 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 5b25a43c51 Work towards kernel calc inside Akvo 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons d125187d3a Yaml export not uses GJI bootstrap noise estimate 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons ae8aba151f Akvo now uses the full boostrap noise algorithm from GJI paper 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 87fa0ef60d Fixes for recovering all the META data from dmp files 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2a377b6c0d Update for loops input and saving in Akvo 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 97f0f15389 Polygonal loop add in gui 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 67a79d8c0f cleanup for FastTIMES 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 785d0edf68 Adding GUI functionality, mainly in loops. Also, new logo plot. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 56e0749ae1 pypi push 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons a1d59fc259 Additions for META data and start of new loop dialogue 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 596e5bd808 time domain noise plot for harmonics 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 719b0ba530 Improvements to plotting of pulse moment calculation. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons de0e5e7cc4 Edits to fix plotting when numerous cycles are present (interleaves) in GMR speak. Prior plotting assumed monotonically decreasing pulse moments, which is not always the case 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons d02c8fc0d0 v1.2.7 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons fcf8aa5bc0 Fix of displayed dead time 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons b82b52beab Import fix from dmp 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 67c74fc49e Rework of yaml log of processing steps. The log is now a flow of steps, any of which can be repeated. Additionally, plotting of the harmonic modelling has been changed to frequency domain. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 132425f28d phase colormap change 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2a0f40eb3c More tweaks to the GUI for better use experience. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons f044fb0156 Version bump. Yaml changed from pyyaml to ruamel.yaml. This allows for improved mixed flow styles that are more human readable. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons b7f17fc652 Check for MacOS LCD bug 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons a7a2e0d387 Mac tweaks 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9297604df7 More performance improvements for plotting 3 years ago