43 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Trevor Irons 5577a61e40 Windows Fixes 2 months ago
  Cleatus D. Ustess 05a1268a99 More work towards renwed PIP pushes 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 32e5244227 tweaks for older cmake 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 55efd7a3b4 Updates to external yaml-cpp for shared library build 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 32f3339fff Bug fix for Anderson lagged solution which would occasionally result in NaN due to array index overrun in spline. Also work towards grounding points in wire antenna. 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 54cf400173 Windows 10 fixes for OpenMP 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2993b1af4d testing of IRONS filter coeffs 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 69b36eb14a Revert of yaml-cpp to 0.6.2 due to YAML_LIBRARIES not being set in master 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons b059847017 Link with iomp5 on Apple instead of libomp for better interopreability with Anaconda 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 096404cf52 Incrimental performance checks 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons a045a6acb1 Improved python import heirarchy (sp?). Now you can use: from pyLemma import pyFDEM1D which is the intuitive way to do this. 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 65034cb932 pybind11 working for RectilinearGrid 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 986324fbd5 Towards a new Python wrapper 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 05609e0bd8 Fix VTK library types 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 21ae0ab38b Better warnings about 8.90 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 09854480dd vtk on mac work 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8ec7d62b41 Tweaking VTK find_package 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 37e7b28004 Update to Eigen 3.3.7 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9a78ff4cde Yaml-cpp version bump 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8b21c3ecf7 Use Yaml-0.6.2 instead of master 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons c983f9e1a1 Eigen 3.3.5 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons ee9b65d490 master yaml-cpp 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 16ecee729f scotch add 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8acd7cc95f find hwloc for Pastix 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 6fecd3af59 updated findPastix 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons e4858fe9ae find Umfpack 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2cd3336f69 Clean up CMake for default compilers 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 0fb6eaf5a3 PaStiX support added, but currently not working... 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons e023e2fff3 SuperLU find 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9b8a6662eb Tweaks for non-default compiler 3 years ago
  John Daily 60df651aea msvc 3 years ago
  T-bone 5c696d3a25 cross compile for standalone 3 years ago
  T-bone 78629e7146 More cross compiling tweaks. 3 years ago
  John Daily 03a55c6c99 MSVC compiles in Release Mode, pass build type through yaml-cpp 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 4f7a8512ab Improved cross compiling using GNU tools for WIN64 3 years ago
  T-bone 3836ac84ef Clean up of build script for cxxtest 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2c51b8f080 Further refinement of CxxTest install with SuperBuild 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons a81921d01e fix for CxxTest in superbuild 4 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2b5185f8ab added SuperBuild.cmake 4 years ago
  T-bone c4d4232ce7 Cross-compiler works with gcc targeting win-64 4 years ago