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  Trevor 4fecc41995 Addition of Matlab.mex support. Currently only hantenna is wrapped as a 4 months ago
  Trevor Irons 3bfa3f188c pybind additions 11 months ago
  Trevor Irons 0b7f2462f4 Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/LemmaSoftware/Lemma 11 months ago
  Trevor Irons 5577a61e40 Windows Fixes 11 months ago
  Trevor Irons ee7121abcf Clean up of KiHa test 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 7f0b056cf9 Fix to Boost in CMake to throw error when not found but requested. Also fixed bench kiha test 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons d28067a869 Lemma Github sync 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 35638163e7 Github hook test 2 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons ef2ceb39dc Github hook test 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 209a1e6f94
Create cmake.yml 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons ea3fda1c26 Github 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 531d3844f7 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/LemmaSoftware/Lemma 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 9aa9e2045d Test push 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons d1e792e81a OpalStack to GH 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 37fa01a40b gittea 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 71b4d83154 Test of push to GitHub for gitea mirror 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons c8e116504d Test of gittea post-receive hook 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 6cc377aa70 Begin porting from WF to OS 1 year ago
  Trevor Irons 2dfc1736ff Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma into master 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons d1d6ff7c4f Fix to copy of README.md for python publish. 2 years ago
  John Daily 674368b43e Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons c57dda3252 Fix readme.md for PyPi. 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 149a2e7e1d Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma into master 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons f631f8a2bf Bumped up verison to 0.4.0 and synced pyLemma version with main Lemma. 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons b580aa0735 Bumped up pyLemma to 0.1.0 to reflect changes to Merlin. 2 years ago
  Cleatus D. Ustess 05a1268a99 More work towards renwed PIP pushes 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 32e5244227 tweaks for older cmake 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 55efd7a3b4 Updates to external yaml-cpp for shared library build 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 32f3339fff Bug fix for Anderson lagged solution which would occasionally result in NaN due to array index overrun in spline. Also work towards grounding points in wire antenna. 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 54cf400173 Windows 10 fixes for OpenMP 2 years ago
  John Daily a31f1538ae Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma 2 years ago
  John Daily 269b30bea3 msvc 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 8399fd6a60 Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 2993b1af4d testing of IRONS filter coeffs 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 444e739fb4 Bump for pyLemma 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons b6b2ffabb9 non-closed loops are now grounded 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9463a482a2 Cleanup of new progressbar 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons f4fb29b94b Removal of boost progress bar, replaced with simple RAII class 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 4753038229 Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 69b36eb14a Revert of yaml-cpp to 0.6.2 due to YAML_LIBRARIES not being set in master 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons b059847017 Link with iomp5 on Apple instead of libomp for better interopreability with Anaconda 2 years ago
  Trevor Irons 098f53d289 Python binder fix for reading in files 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 378cf52401 Merge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 4ec7e1f0e3 CMake tweak for old boost 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 9678fa0811 python bump 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons d88f0c6891 bump of pyLemma 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 11967300c1 Improved speed for horizontal loops, reduced initialization of unused resources 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons b473bf7daf Polygonal wire antenna now uses std::move realizing some perf. benefits. 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons 096404cf52 Incrimental performance checks 3 years ago
  Trevor Irons a84f85654c Fixes for python wrapper with ABC inheritence. Also fixed EM1D to not clone antenna in tight loop 3 years ago